Untangle your
Business Processes

Business process management and consulting for businesses that want to grow without the operational chaos.

Your business is growing but you got to a point where the tangled mess behind the scenes is hindering your success.

Is this you?

I get it. It’s exhausting to carry the weight of growing your business and feeling like you run a marathon every day. But you know what?

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Imagine if…

Hey, I’m Monica!

Problem solver. Business planner and chaos coordinator. The left brain for your business.

Disorganization create chaos in a business. If a process lives in your head, or does not exist at all, you can bet your team will create their own and the results will be far from consistent. My special power is gathering this knowledge of how things get done in your business, structuring it and creating an official set of procedures. Your team will know who does what, where and when. You will know what it feels like not to have it all on your shoulders. 

I’m Monica, a Certified Project Manager and Process Consultant who helps businesses like yours bring order to chaos. I will help you get the backend of your business organized and documented so you can focus on being the CEO.

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Your business is a powerhouse.
It’s time to step let it do its magic.

Ready to Untangle Your Business?

Here's how we can work together:


Together we'll identify your core processes and document them in a simple but effective way. You get a visual flowchart and a playbook to share with your team.


No more word documents and work instructions in emails. Consolidate your existing SOPs into a centralized, easily searchable repository that your team will want to use.

I wish I would have met her earlier

Monica has seriously been one of the best OBMs I’ve ever met! And I wish I would have met her earlier. She is not only a great listener but she is also extremely professional and organized. She gave me so much great advices on hiring, time management, and leadership. I can also feel that, unlike any other OBMs, she wholeheartedly wants to help business owners to succeed in their business. She will help you to get organized, give you a clear direction on areas where you should be focusing on, listen carefully to identify all your problems & struggles and come up with the best strategies for your business. I am so so so happy that I was able to work with Monica! She is just so AMAZING! And such a wonderful soul! Thank you for everything Monica!

Betty Ma

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Let’s Untangle Your Business!

I will help you sort out your operations so you can say goodbye to overwhelm.

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